ALB 580

Our 19 ft plate aluminium longboat hull. A strong, safe & versatile boat for use in rivers or open waters. A hull that is durable, rides well, easy to handle, economical to run and maintain. Sold as hull only, centre console or tiller steer, with fit out, casting deck, trailer and outboard engine packages.

Centre Console

Our standard 800mm wide console is positioned to optimise space depending on customers requirements. Control cables are run under the deck in a seperate aluminium compartment. Deluxe reversible driver / passenger seat on seat box and removable T-Top options available.

Tiller Steer

Our tiller steer hulls are available in 25″ recessed transom that provides the skipper an optimum tiller arm steering position. The extended swim platforms either side of the engine provide easy access through the transom, straight tracking and added buoyancy for level hull trim over any rev range. Options include additional recessed deck spigots and rear seat boxes with removable pedestal seats