Aluminium Longboats

Aluminium Longboats

An international boat building company. Building factory direct, quality plate aluminium boats for local and export markets.

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With 25 years experience building quality aluminium vessels for both commercial and recreational use.

We supply our boats factory direct to our customers in Australia and export our range and computer cut hull parts globally from Australia, Singapore & Indonesia.


Proven Designs

All hulls are computer cut and built with best quality certified 5083 Marine grade alloy.


Export Quality

All our designs incorporate a self draining aluminium deck, seperate under floor fuel cell and marine flotation foam

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Specialising in building strong, safe and economical plate aluminium longboats for diving, resort transfers, commercial and recreational fishing and family day boats

Most Popular


The smallest of our range. Our 19 ft all rounder for rivers and open water. Available in tiller steer & centre console

ALB 5.8 metre


The first of our longboat designs. Our 24 ft has all the deck room for a range of applications yet easy to use for one operator.


Our 32 ft is the largest of our longboat hulls at this stage. The ideal and most economical choice for commercial operators and dive resorts offering a range deck layout options.

ALB 9.2 metre


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